Trail Social


“It has been a pleasure to work with you over the last couple of years. You do a fantastic job Jackie managing events and bring a lot of spirit and fun to everything you do!” Your love for riding bikes and making people happy is evident. I really hope to remain connected and hope our paths cross again in the future. Keep kicking ass at the events, riding, and racing. You will continue to excel in everything you do because you do it 100%.”

“I can say that you impressed the hell out of me with your marketing efforts representing the largest online bike retailer in the U.S. over the last 3 years! With your skills, personality and attitude you will shine at anything you do.”

“You definitely are professional and passionate about representing their brand. Customer engagement is extremely important and is a very important aspect to my business strategy. You are an asset to any company.”


It is our passion to inspire riders to explore new trails, challenge their skill and endurance level and enjoy the free spirited lifestyle and comradery of the mountain biking community.

We will share our love with mountain biking and the products that get us stoked to ride through:

  • Mountain Bike Trips (Overnight and Day)
  • Group Rides
  • Clinics
  • Race Team
  • Promotions / Contests / Events


Jackie Reseigne

Ambassador of Fun! I discovered the thrill of mountain biking 6 years ago while on a trip up to the mountains with my women’s soccer team. After renting a mountain bike, getting a trail map and a few tips on how to ride and where to go, I was hooked! I rode the entire day, watching others and trying to improve with every loop that I rode. Since that time I have continued to ride and have worked in the bike industry creating experiences designed to build better, more personal relationships between riders and the companies they love. With over two decades of inspiring people to play outside, event management, promotions, and customer engagement I have decided create a few events on my own in partnership with some great friends that are as passionate about mountain biking as I am.

I am happy to report that my skills and endurance have improved quite a bit since that first ride and I am able to ride just about anywhere and I enjoy sharing new places to ride with others by creating memorable experiences for them.

In November 2014, I founded the Inland Empire Chapter of Girlz Gone Riding.  Since then, our chapter has been given new life as Trail Social and grown to over 750+ members! We are female mountain bike club and race team whose mission is to get more women on bikes and to ensure they have a great experience on every ride.

I have also volunteered for another non-profit organization, Bike For Bender.  B4B provides support to fallen riders, our local mountain biking community and to the So Cal High School League.  Our major fundraiser is held in October.  “Hell Ride,” is a 36 mile ride deep in the San Bernardino mountains, with about 2500 ft of climbing and 7300 ft of descending, and it can be quite “hellish” for some.

In the past, my energetic nature and enthusiasm for sports and the outdoors also lead me to coach several soccer teams, referee countless games, Cub Scout leader, Girls Scout leader and Camp Program Manager for my kids and their friends over many years.

Lastly, but most importantly, I value my time being Mom to two amazing teens who are growing up so fast it makes me want to cry, a cat who steals the neighbor’s baby toys, a bird who won’t stop singing and a fish who appears to be dead most days. I am really a dog person, I miss him, it’s been 3 years.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors, sharing my love for it and making people happy.  Our adventures always include an insane amount of laughter, good vibes and rad energy.

Come ride with us!

Xavier Lassalle
Crazy Bear Bikes

Our mountain bike adventures will take you on the best trails that California has to offer. 

Crazy Bear Bikes is a cycling adventure company based in Los Angeles and operating throughout California. We offer guided tours, self-guided tours, and mechanic support for both road and mountain bike adventures. Whether you are an experienced local rider or visiting California for a cycling vacation, we have options for you. Choose from our scheduled bicycle tours and adventures, or book a customized cycling vacation for your own group.

Chris Ashford
Mt. Wilson MTB Adventure

I never could sit still. Especially as a child. Taken in front of my childhood house, I could ride in and out of the driveway all day long and never tire of it. That old bike took me up Mt. Wilson many times. It also got me up the Arroyo (El Preito) to go fishing.   As an adult, not much has changed. I still struggle to sit still. Every chance I get, I am on my bike and ride.  My team and I hope that you enjoy your adventure in the mountain as much as we do. 

If there is something we can do to enhance the experience don’t hesitate to ask.

Mike Scheuer a.k.a. Downhill Mike
Winter Gravity Series – Bootleg Canyon

Professional Self-Promoted Bike Promoter! 14 years ago, I quit what I thought was a real job after discovering mountain biking and went fully off the deep end. Since then, I have had fun guiding, instructing, helping operate a bike park, create events and have become fully immersed in the bike industry. One of the best parts is living the lifestyle and having moved to the mountain bike destination of Boulder City, Nevada. With my new “adult” job I have met many awesome like-minded friends.

It’s not just a design… Trail Social’s bird was inspired by a Native American symbol from my Campfire Girls days as a youth. I spent several summers, but not nearly enough, at Camp Wasewagan located in Angeles Oaks. Summer camp to me was an escape from the chaos back at home, I just remember feeling so free wandering amongst the tall pine trees with the sound of the Santa Ana River flowing closely nearby.

This unique bird represents freedom to me and the strength to leave the past behind. Don’t carry the weight from what you cannot control, you are free to soar and play and just be you. It also pays homage to the many female camp counselors who shared their love for the outdoors with me and showed me so confidently how to wander freely amongst the tall trees, navigate trails, camp, cook and play in treasured swimming holes. I am forever grateful to them.