Sunday, November 10

8:30 AM – 1:30 PM
1031 Glendora Mountain Road, Glendora, CA
$20 (one run) – $30 (day pass)

We start at 8:30 am from the parking lot at 1031 Glendora Mountain Road. Last run at 1:30pm. You can do up to 6 runs with a pass or just choose to do 2 runs.

First stop the west side, full DH trail with a little climb/hike a bike at the beginning. Intemediate riders and above only.

Second stop the East Side  AKA Monroe Truck Trail

First mile is on a fire road  than it turns in to a flowy single track Expect some scenic view and creek crossing.

Remember: Those to trails are used by Hikers and equestrians, you will find people that are climbing as well. Remember that as a cyclist going down hill you do not have the right of way and have to yield. Also you have to manage your speed to be able to spot within the distance than you can see. We strongly recommend the use of bells on those trails. Bells announce that you are coming to other users who expect to see you coming out a blind corner and don’t get spooked.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

In case of cancellation from us due to insufficient sign ups, you will receive a full refund.

In case of cancellation from you, you will be fully refunded if your cancellation is requested by e-mail at least 96 hours before departure. Past that 96 hours notice your seat is not refundable, transferable, nor able to be reschedule